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google.com for : Web pages + text blocks
among others also : ZH (CH,simpl,trad.) RU AR JA KO
http://translate.google.com/translate_t# !!! (REMARK: If the link might have changed in the future, then go from the startpage google.com to its menu for addtional services)
Covers more languages than most others.
Many European language pairs in BOTH directions where others only offer ONE.

Especially important is the coverage (partly still in Beta state) of: Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Khorean,

Significant own investment in language translation software development, especially in languages not yet properly covered in the past. Always to include in comparisons.

yahoo.com (1997...2007: oar altavista.com) for : Web pages + text blocks
among others also : ZH (CH,simpl,trad.) RU JA KO NL GR
''Powered by Systran.'' - Many European language pairs and...

Especially important is the coverage of: Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Khorean, Dutsch, Greek

Altavista was in the late 90ies the search engine market leader like Google is today. - The translation service linked to Altavista were noted on this liste since 1997 or so.

systranet.com for : Web pages + text blocks
among others also : ZH(CH) RU AR JA KO NL PL SE
http://www.systran.de/index/404 !!! (=''Bronze'' online translation)
A proud volume of language translation pairs. Specific is that Systran also wants to earn money by selling translation software. This may or may not influence the free SYSTRAN online services.

Covers many European language pairs in BOTH directions where many others only offer ONE.

Especially important is the coverage of: Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Khorean, Dutch, Polish, Swedish.

Significant investment over tens of years in language translation software development, especially in languages not yet properly covered in the past. Always to include in comparisons.

freetranslation.com !!!
covers the usual major European language pairs
Also translation services by humans and ,,localisation'' services.

Since 1997/98 listed here. - Reliable, efficient, stable over so many years.

voila.fr for : Web pages or single phrases
efficient coverage for : EN FR DE ES RU

This is an alternate solution to check if as good or better than others for these languages.


Babylon is an important solution and includes various free tools. - Comparative testing of its current state is on the way.

Project : Omni-Trans on-Web translation
Info: OMNI-TRANS (popular: HYPER-BLABLA) project, conceived to translate between all languages of mankind,
also dolphins and any other species with a language-capable output-device ('mouth' or so)

Some investor information on OMNI-TRANS (alias 'Hyber-Blabla'): aha7.com/ppp-en/ectjjba-en.htm
It is an omni-language translation concept. In the context of the companies maintaining this Web site, a universal language learning robot had been conceived several years ago. This concept is modeled after the human brain and is very different from usual concepts of machine language translation.

OMNI-TRANS (alias Hyper-Blabla) could be run on Internet. servers. This would be the most efficient and most probable form of availability.
A beta version of Hyper-Blabla had been distributed 1996.

French technology protectionism finally destroyed this technology development organization due to the lack of the proper nationality of the owning person.
Beginning distribution of OMNI-TRANS was cancelled instantly by its developer. All software packages were called back from resellers. The activity was moved away from France after a long legal battle against French administration. The EU Commission refused to intervene 'because it concerned only a SMALL business'.

Meantime, several demands to obtain EU-funding were refused with the argument, EU technology funding would only be available for persons which possess the wanted amount already in cash. Journalists should read this carefully before writing again pages full of engagement for the high virtues of public technology funding.

Now that Google finances such an efficient effort in language translation, Google's different concept will bring us at least for the major languages something which was intended by OMNI-TRANS.

Other language translation sites of comparable quality for free and instant online-translation? - Please to nospam @ aha7.com

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The Best or Nothing.


AHA7 Bio Brain Doping
Info:  Natural intelligence doping. Science-based. How to enhance your cognitive performance.

Environmental toxins - what to do?
Info:  Your protection from environmental toxins: Home, apartment, food, furniture, garden. (Anti-Fake-News.)

Start-up - lease yours now!
Info:  Startup-Franchise for you. Age does not matter. Examples: Knowledge- /info- /media-stes, e-commerrce, financial sites.

Investment projects / future technologies.
Info:  For direct participation / private investors. 10 000 USD/EUR++. Directly, not crowd constructs.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ecbb-menu-en.htm

For investors: Website Generator
Info:  CYPONET Universal market place generator. 10 000++ EUR/USD. Unique power software
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-pws-cypnet-en.htm

Class action - now also in the EU.
(Invest:)  How to make a bundle of compensation claims for the court. Various possibilities for citizens and lawyers.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-ube-class-em.htm

AHA7 BALLERINA: how to loose weight -
Info:  in a natural and efficient manner. Weight loss: Truth, manipulation, science.

Investment: Sustainable Construction
Info:  Project for on-line supplies and services. 10 000++ EUR/USD investment,
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-tre-natur-en.htm

(Invest:)  A system for electronic books using Web browsers. Your e-book can still be read in 1000 years.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-ppa-ebkgen-en.htm

OMNI-TRANS language translation
(Invest:)  is an innovative project with an auto-leaning feature. It works like children learn languages, emulating brain algorithms.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-jja-trans-en.htm
The Best or Nothing.


"VOX7 - Handbook of Optimal Government."
Info:  (Info 5p.+ebook) Easily comprehensible scientifically based definition of the best rational policies for citizens, government and economy.

NATROSSA: live 100++ years?
Info:  Becoming old - how-to for beginners. Lifestyle of centenarians - how to follow.

'Social Market Economy'
Info:  Germany's economic success policy: Combination capitalism, moral standards, human rights.

FranckEinstein - for personalized information.
(Invest:)  System FrankEinstein - for personalied e-books,. personalized health guides, personalized tutors etc..
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-ppa-franck-en.htm

POLLIMAT knowledge factory
Info:  for your right to justice and knowledge. Trust is good. POLLIMAT is better.

Find investors: Market place.
Info:  Private or institutional investors. Minimum 10 000 USD/EUR per investor.

best deal of your life:
Info:  We donate to you up to 30 % more future lifespan. You donate 1 % of your income for deeper knowledge.

Your SPHINX Classification System
Info:  (Info 5p.) "SPHINX 2nd Brain" - for businesses, editors, freelancers, engineers, managers, individuals - for your lifetime archive of all text, images, videos.
uno7.org/ kks-clasbasa-en.htm

1200 business inspirations
Info:  Tons of information sources. Money, concepts, solutions.
aha7.com/ppp-en /spa-menu-en.htm

"PILLDOUNG" - knowledge sites:
(Invest:)  Education + comprehension - how to gain deep knowledge (rather than trivia, news and fact knowledge).
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-kwk-bildun-en.htm


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